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After 57 years promoting Jewish learning throughout the state of Wisconsin, WSJL closed its doors on August 31, 2012.

(Re)searching the Bible will be sponsored by the Coalition for Jewish Learning. See (under the "Adults" link) or call the CJL office, 414-963-2710.

The Curriculum Project and the Public Education Partnership (PEP) of the Wisconsin Small Jewish Communities History Project will continue under other auspices.

An announcement of WSJL's closing can be found in the December, 2011, issue of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

(Re)searching the Bible

WSJL's statewide Bible Study Program brings together people of diverse backgrounds to learn about the Biblical text from a variety of perspectives.

Wisconsin Small Jewish Communities History Project

a research and educational program of WSJL
On the History Project Website, you can search the communities database, read about our state's Jewish history, and add your family's stories to the collection.

The History Project's Facebook Page is filled with fascinating anecdotes about colorful Wisconsin Jewish personalities.

Jewish Neighbors in Wisconsin

For information about this free web-based curriculum, call the Society office at 414-963-4135.

Chosen Towns Documentary

This award-winning film, made in collaboration with UWM, documents the history of Jewish settlement in Wisconsin.

If you enjoy this short clip of Chosen Towns, order the full one-hour DVD! $20 including postage and handling.

Listen to Producer Brad Lichtenstein and Editor Nicole Brown speak about "Chosen Towns" and their other documentaries on Philadelphia Public Radio's Director's Cut.

The mission of the Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning, Inc. is to foster, encourage and support Jewish learning, scholarship and research with emphasis on the college/adult level.


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